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BAYBE is a dynamic pop/rap/metal project based out of Nashville, TN. 

As a child, BAYBE began her music career as a voice-over artist for children's dolls, and joined various rock bands as a teenager. Over the years, she has written, recorded and produced music within a variety of genres, quickly gaining a reputation as a seasoned songwriter, session musician and producer.


Performing with a 4 piece band, BAYBE keeps audience members completely immersed in the high-energy and exciting live experience, as she moves from hip-hop/rap, to metal, and everything in between. 


BAYBE is reimagining the word "artist", as she has her hand in the production, design, branding, live show, visuals and writing of everything within her project. Doing this alongside the most talented musicians she knows, BAYBE is ready to take over the world, and it’s obvious to anyone who hears her. 

"BAYBE is an artist in the truest sense of the word, as she plays every single instrument in every song she crafts. It’s something you rarely see but when it’s done it does bring a sense of authenticity to the music, something that gives it that extra bit of flair, roughness and personality that makes it feel personal."


"BAYBE has had time to master a sound that is part pop and part electronic, taking the best of her passionate vocals and band-musicality, making pop music that, in this age, actually has a sense of human love. In the age of laptop producers, BAYBE is a

spectacular breath of fresh air."

                                                                                                - Born Music Online


‘Genre-bending’ is indeed deemed correct for BAYBE and her brand. She is a breakout star in the making, and her musical talents and writing prowess certainly breaks her away from the pack and keep her in our memories."



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